App Store or iTunes account without credit card

Apple recently made it much more cumbersome to create an iTunes account without entering your credit card information. It’s still possible though, with a non-obvious workaround.

Start by creating your account on the Apple website. It’s not possible to do this in iTunes, as Apple only creates your account there once you’ve actually entered your CC details. If you already have an account and are asked for your CC in iTunes, simply skip the above step.

Once your account is created, open up iTunes and sign in. You’ll be asked to review your account and are forced to agree with the ToS. Shortly after you’re greeted with this screen.

CC entry screen

Click on PayPal and then “Redeem a code”. If PayPal is not an option, you should see the logo of “Click and Buy” instead. Clicking on this will present you with the same code redemption link.
After clicking on the link you will be asked to sign in again. Do so and follow the same steps as before. Once you reach the credit card entry screen again however, there will be an option labeled None.

CC entry screen without CC

You don’t have to enter a code to proceed. Since you’ve already entered an address when initially creating an account, all that’s left is for you to fill in a phone number.

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